IFB Washing Machine – 7KG (Front Loading)


  • Brand : IFB
  • Product Name : Washing Machine
  • Model : Elite ZXS
  • Front-loading washing machine
  • 7 kg capacity
  • LCD display
  • Warranty: 4 years comprehensive warranty
  • Temperature options: 95, 60, 40, 30 degree centigarde and cold, Door diameter: 320 millimeters, Door opening angle: 180 degree, Water supply: 0.3 Bar to 10 Bar
  • Laundry add option, 3D wash system, air bubble wash system, user friendly LCD display, audio visual indication, program time and progress indication, smart jog dial with on or off, tub clean, aqua energie, barrier free program console, crescent moon drum
  • Wash care programs: Express 15, stains, curtains, mixed fabric, synthetic, wool or hand-wash, delicate and cotton
  • Additives, rinse plus spin, drain or demo, silage, delay start or time delay, extra rinse or rinse plus, spin RPM, child lock, rinse hold, soak or inbuilt soak, pre-wash, spin dry or tub clean, easy iron and built in anti crease
  • Auto restart or memory back-up, self diagnosis, auto imbalance sensing and control, foam control system, protective rat mesh
  • 1200 rpm
  • 52 L water consumption
  • 3D wash system
  • 100 wash care programs


A stimulus in this washing machine creates bubbles which are released with the water jet stream. These bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric and help activate the detergent in the process. The stubborn dirt particles are removed by this agitation, and the clothes get an efficient wash sans any repulsive odour.

Superior cleaning with 3D wash system: Innovative engineering has the water in this wash system sprayed out through a nozzle directly on the clothes with the specifically designed drum circulating it for 360-degree coverage. Such movement ensures that the clothes are evenly soaked, the detergent is able to penetrate all the fibres, and wash every bit of the fabrics. In the rinse cycle, the 3D wash system forces out all the detergent off the laundry, and the washed clothes come out absolutely clean.

Aqua energie feature: The Elite Aqua SX has a built-in aqua filter that is capable of breaking the bi-carbonates in the hard water into minute crystals. These crystals are so small that they are removed from the clothes with the flow of water. The chances of scale accumulating on vital machine parts are minimized. Treated soft water improves the effectiveness of the detergent to give the clothes a thorough cleaning.

Crescent shaped moon drum: The inner wall of the drum in this washing machine has the shape of a crescent. This simple design change reduces the wear-and-tear when clothes go through a tumble wash. They are not rubbed against the steel wall of the drum, and stay protected at all time. It also makes the water move in a swoosh pattern that allows the detergent to penetrate deeper for better cleaning. The clothes get cleaned quite gently.

User friendly LCD display: The Elite Aqua SX has a very well designed LCD display that helps the user select the correct cycle and program. It is very easy to understand and operate.


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